UnaVista's MiFIR Solutions


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UnaVista is the leading MiFID transaction reporting solution in Europe, helping firms report over 1.5 billion transactions annually. We have been working to provide firms with as much guidance as possible to help make the transition from MiFID to MiFIR so they are ready in good time for go-live in 2018.

We will be running a number of events, webinars and training courses to help educate firms on the regulatory changes, but we also have a number of software solutions to help your firm prepare.


MiFIR Accelerator Programme

Our project management tool helps you compare your data sources against the latest RTS so you can understand what data you need and what format it needs to be in. You can toggle fields on and off and receive a completeness score.

View details of our Accelerator Programme

MiFIR Training

Our CPD certified training courses help your team get better understanding of the regulation and the reporting process. Two levels of training will be available, foundation and advanced.Find out more here.

LEI Data Management Tool

The data management tool allows firms to upload their data to ascertain how many LEIs they will require for MiFIR and also keep a watchlist of entities to see when new LEIs are added or lapse.



UnaVista’s award winning ARM service has been evolved to assist with MiFIR, connecting to required European NCAs across all assets classes. Our UAT system is now available for you to test in.For details of our current ARM service click here.


The Rules Engine does the hard work for you. It ingests your source data, normalising, enriching, augmenting and validating before translating it into the correct format for regulatory reporting.

MiFIR APA Trade Reporting

UnaVista is connected to London Stock Exchange’s APA service TRADEcho, so firms can use their current connection to route off and comply with their trade reporting requirements. Find out more here.


MiFIR Eligibility Checks

Utilising product reference data, eligibility checks ensure you are not over reporting. Records can be blocked automatically or simply flagged for further review.

Reference Data

Use our range of reference data to improve the quality of your reporting. Including, LEI database, ISINs, SEDOL Masterfile, MiFIR eligibility lists. Find out more about the LEI Data Management Tool here and you can get more details on how to request an LEI here


Peer-to-Peer and Advanced Analytics

Leverage UnaVista’s community of reporting firms and gain valuable insight into your relative reporting performance. Additional stats also help you tweak and improve your reporting.

MiFIR Reconciliation

Now a required activity by ESMA our N-way reconciliations, including comparing your source data against that of the ARM and the regulator, help you meet all of your quality assurance needs.

Reporting Quality Programs

UnaVista and partner firm Kaizen can provide detailed quality assurance at a field level, including checking for valid format but wrong data.

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